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General Dentistry

General Dentistry Services

Flexible Appointment Scheduling

General Dentistry Services

Custom Treatment Plans

General Dentistry Services

Preventative Care For Oral Health

Every patient is treated like an individual

Our staff will listen to and address your questions and concerns during your visit and help you plan for ongoing care. Our offices are equipped to provide the services you need and more!

Care for every member of the family

Spencer Dental & Braces provides comfortable, family-friendly offices and attentive staff. Whether it’s your child’s first visit or a regular check-up, we’re here to provide the care and support you need.

Quality braces for less

If you or a family member need orthodontic care or braces but are nervous about the cost, our office can help. Talk to our staff to see if braces are the right option for you and how our practice can meet your needs.

Virginia’s family dentist

We’re committed to keeping Virginia smiling! Healthy patients make a healthy community, so make an appointment today and let us invest in your family’s dental health.

Patient Education and Enablement

Patient Education

Our “Tell, Show, Do” Approach

Patient Education

A Lifetime of Healthy Habits

Patient Education

We Respect Each and Every Patient

"Tell, Show, Do"

We use a “Tell, Show, Do” approach which helps us communicate with our patients during their appointment and provides ample time for patients to ask questions and understand every step of the process.

Year-round care

We love when patients visit our office, but there’s more to dental care than regular check-ups. During your appointment, our staff will explain and demonstrate proper daily oral hygiene habits.

Join our family

When you become a patient at Spencer Dental & Braces, you’re part of our family. We’ll go out of our way to keep you and your family members healthy and smiling!

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Insurance we accept

We Accept Medicaid Plans, SCHIP, and Tricare

Insurance we accept

We Accept Most Private and Employer Insurance Plans

Insurance we accept

Remember: Bring Your Photo ID and Insurance Card

We Accept Most
Insurance Plans

Our practice accepts most insurance, such as Medicaid, Tricare, SCHIP and employer insurance.

Know before you go

In order to receive care during your visit, make sure to bring your photo ID and insurance card. Our practice accepts many insurance plans, including Medicaid, Tricare, SCHIP and other insurance plans. Contact our staff to learn more about payment options and our discount plan. You’ll also need to know or have on hand the date of birth, and phone number of the patient being treated.

Understand your options

If you’re uninsured or have questions about affordability, contact our office for a no-cost consultation.

Contact our staff with questions today