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We believe in kindness & giving back to the communities we serve.

No matter what role they play at the office, our team members all started in
dentistry to help patients be healthy & smile. That doesn’t stop outside of our office doors. There is a culture of giving & community service throughout our dental group.


At Spencer Dental, we believe our job gives back & supports our community. No matter our title, our reason for coming to the office is to generously share our time & talents with the patients we serve.

Whether we’re treating patients & creating beautiful smiles for brighter futures or teaching kids at school the importance of good oral health, we believe in kindness & giving back to the communities we serve. We partnered with Kool Smiles Kids Club to give back to the communities we serve. Since 2002, Kool Smiles Kids Club partners have invested more than $100 million into the community with outreach, dental health education & charitable giving programs.

Sharing Smiles Day

Sharing Smiles Day is a national day of free dental care exclusively for children. Sharing Smiles Day is proudly hosted by Spencer Dental & other Kool Smiles Kids Club partners & their volunteers. Since 2015, more than 2,100 children without dental insurance received much needed dental care at no cost during Sharing Smiles Day.

Sharing Smiles Day

Talkin' Teeth

Did you know that by age three all primary teeth typically arrive in children? These teeth are intended to last for up to 10 years! Check out this video of Dr. Jane Whang discussing the importance of healthy dental hygiene in children.

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